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Natural deer feed and attractant formulated by professional outfitters — tested by experienced hunters.

Megalo as an Attractant

Megalo as an Attractant

Megalo as a Supplement or Additive

Megalo as a Supplement or Additive

Megalo as a Main Food Source

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have bulk pricing for Megalo Deer Feed?

Yes please contact us for bulk orders. 

How do you feed Megalo Deer Feed?

We recommend feeding at a 1 bag Megalo to 3 bags regular choice feed ratio.  If you can afford to it is beneficial to your herd to increase the Megalo to choice feed ratio. It is suggested to feed in a gravity feeder, bunk/trough feeder, feed bucket, or straight on the ground.  We do not recommend putting our product in a spin feeder.

What if I just have corn feeders?

Next to your corn feeder we suggest putting out one bag of Megalo each time you refill your feeder or each time the deer finish eating the product.

How do I know Megalo will attract animals?

 The honest answer is simply through our tests.  Time and time again against the leading competitors, Megalo has been top of the class when it comes to animal preference.  The "Why" in this factor is due to the fact that the product is all natural and contains what deer need.  Animals are smart and will be drawn to what their bodies need when given the opportunity.

How do I know Megalo will grow deer?

Science!  Our formula has been reviewed and adjusted to align with what our ruminant nutrition doctorate consultants have assured us is the best possible scenario for herd health, body growth, and antler growth.  When humans want to see gains while working out, their diet is extremely important and the proper diet and supplements is what puts them over the top against their competition.  Megalo is no different in the deer world.  It is the perfect combination of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and supplements to see increased herd health and growth

Can I get a guaranteed analysis of Megalo's nutrition?

Yes you sure can.  If you'd like guaranteed percentages on certain vitamins or minerals, please fill out our contact form and we will get you taken care of.

The Proof is in the Formula